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stock for 10-plus years, other than the energy sector, and that is where we thought the lifting of all of that public policy and certainty related to all of the government issues we have had the last two years, that would be the main driver and that durable a much more placed to pick consumer oriented companies. indexdid see the pricing today -- it went up a point more than people thought, giving some hope it would rebound a little bit. but guess what? the r&d taxon of credits last year. congress did not renew those. we are seeing bid increases -- big increases in november and december. we have seen nothing in february so far. what we do not know is whether we will see that building and, whether there was a temporal, prime shift with black -- prime shift -- >> you think that is inevitable? >> the good part of the durable goods report last month, or last week showed a big pickup in january. we had in industrials conference. we got a lot of positive .necdotes from these companies they are much more interested in capital spending or even nurtures and acquisitions than vying back stocks. i
and western europe are reliant for a large portion of their energy needs. be a douchewill it -- we have anastasia, ryan, i want to start with you. what are you hearing from the people there and whether they have a sense things will not continue to get worse right now. class a lot to talk about. let's start with some of the unrest in the east in the country. , an has been the city industrial city of about one million people. about 500 miles east of here. the last few hours, we have seen clashes. we effectively had a group of about 2000 pro-russian protesters. 5000 pro-ukrainian protesters. then the police were brought in separately. a group actually stormed a regional government building there. we heard the day before yesterday president putin talking about why russian forces are in crimea and why he is looking at the ukraine. he talks about the need to protect russian speaking people. this would of course give him an excuse to go in eastern ukraine, something he said he did not see the need for yet. it is certainly something to watch. then at ground zero in his crisis, that is crimea. t
at a point where they can afford not to pay them for the energy bill for couple of months, that is still a temporary move and will still remain the primary supplier. russia knows that. >> what do you think about the comment to trish to never take vladimir putin at his word? let me also add to this. senator mccain went so far as to say we heard similar rhetoric from hitler as he was trying to protect german speakers. so he really has no use for what he is saying right now. i wonder from a market perspective. >> a lot of people have been doing that. what do you think about it as an investor? >> the markets have already picked a winner and loser. if you look at the ukrainian stock market, it is of a percent. the russian stock market is down 12%. ukrainian bonds of the highs. upkets can be wrong, but until now the market is saying in is losing. him and interacted with work with him to get what he needed done and thought very highly of him at the time. very pragmatic. says hew my uncle thinks he wants to be the best are. >> your uncle is saying what a lot of people need to be saying edges he
be bringing higher. a lot of them have to do with alternative energy. >> no shocker. first of all, if you are looking at etf's, the plain-vanilla ones don't have any exposure to elon musk companies. you have to go to the niche area. one example is the market vectors global alternative energy. it has 18% exposure to elon musk companies, 14% in tesla, 4% in solarcity. it is up 12% year-to-date. of the 12%, elon musk is personally responsible for a .5%. it is rare to see one person have such an effect on an etf holding 40 stocks. another example is the first trust green energy etf. this one is focused on u.s. companies. elon musk companies are about 18%. very heavy with elon musk companies. this one is up 16%. the third one is the global-x etf. >> i can imagine that is heavily traded. lithium goes into batteries, right? >> this announcement of the world's largest battery factory, this popped on that. volumes up over 100,000 shares. it is growing. a very niche etf, only tracking 20 companies. the top 10 account for 80% of the portfolio. due to this announcement, and smart phones and iphones u
was questioned and then to do romantic and sci-fi and loaded energy. i like going from thing to thing and looking at it slightly differently. lex do you get to pick out the non-original music used? i loved the country music that clooney had on his radio the entire time. >> certainly that song, that was there from the script that all funds oh had found. we tried a few things during the process but it seems a perfect for the character. songswere huge amount of where the late 1980's and 1990's. they were written in the script and they had a meaning to the story. so it varies. a lot of the things are done very early and my job is to go around them and make it as seamless as possible. >> have you ever been in the situation you just did not like the film personally? how involved in the store and you have to be to get the best it is a go with it? >> weird thing in that you can always find something at you like about them. you find something to love in anything. only a few years back you might look back and say oh. you are trying to make it the best it can possibly be. >> what is next? after winning an
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5